How often do fire sprinkler systems need to be tested?

California requires fire sprinkler systems to be inspected quarterly and certified once every five years.

Do all fire sprinklers go off at the same time?

Despite what you might see in the movies, no they do not.  Each fire sprinkler head goes off individually when it is exposed to the temperature that it is rated for.

Are fire sprinkler systems connected to drinking water?

No, the sprinklers are separated for safety from drinking water with a backflow device.

Are fire sprinklers needed in walk-in freezers?

Yes, because walk-in freezers are used for storage and fires can start regardless of the cold temperatures.

What is a main drain test?

This is a test completed for fire inspectors and insurance carriers to prove that the valves to the system are fully opened.

Do fire sprinkler heads have an expiration date?

Technically no, but all fire sprinkler heads need to be tested after 50 years of service.  Quick response heads need to be tested after 20 years and dry heads need to be tested after 10 years.