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Lindley Fire designs, installs and services fire sprinkler systems from light hazard to extra hazard for industrial, storage, retail and office properties.  Learn more about our expertise and experience.

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Fire poses a real and substantial threat to your personnel, materials, equipment, records and other assets. Each year, companies that were not protected or were under-protected go out of business or lose their customer base and competitive edge. In fact, statistics indicate that over 50% of all companies suffering from major fire loss never reopen, and another 20% will close their doors permanently within three years of the fire. But, in the event you can escape this kind of tragedy, lack of adequate fire protection can have a profound effect on insurance premiums as well as the saleability and leasing potential of your building.

Protect Your Assets

Lindley Fire offers you the finest in fire protection and safety services. We have the capacity to handle any size of project up to millions of square feet. You may retain our firm for one phase of your project, from new construction to retrofitting or for the entire job from beginning to end. At Lindley Fire, the scope of our operations is worldwide, with clients that include many of the best-known names in the aerospace, commercial/retail, hotel and manufacturing industries. We are consistently chosen for projects that involve the protection and safety of large distribution centers and warehouses with considerable inventory.

Exceptional Service & Quality

Lindley Fire’s staff of experienced professionals helps your project flow smoothly. Our ability to supply staff and materials for an entire project contributes to superior quality control from beginning to end.Complete on-site facilities and a full-service operation expedites every phase of a project. More-over, our experience and ability to work with every principal connected with your project reduces delays and provides optimum results. We like to think of our organization as one that continues to research and improve our service to our customers. We always welcome your visit to our facilities so that we may continue to develop new work styles that will keep us in the forefront of sprinkler technology and improve our reputation of service.

How Does A Fire Sprinkler Work?

Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most valuable devices in modern firefighting. Sprinkler systems reduced property loss by 65 percent or more, and surely a vital system to your commercial property. But what activates the system and how do fire sprinklers work? Here you’ll find answers to how commercial fire sprinkler systems can save your company from personal damage or loss of life.

High Heat Triggers the Fire Sprinklers

While some may think fire sprinklers are triggered by smoke, it’s actually the heat that activates the system. Heat and smoke are carried upward with smoke from a fire, but if smoke was the trigger, burning a simple muffin in the office kitchen could drench the offices with water from fire sprinkler heads. Fire sprinklers are triggered by high heat. When a fire burns, the air directly above it heats rapidly. The hot air climbs and spreads across the ceiling. When the air becomes hot enough at a sprinkler head, it triggers a reaction. Most sprinkler heads use a glycerin-based liquid in a glass bulb. The fluid expands when heated to 135 to 165 degrees. When the fluid expands, the glass shatters and the sprinkler head activates.

Fire Sprinklers Drench the Fire

Sprinkler heads are attached to a pipeline connected to a measured water source outside the building. When the heat from a fire activates a sprinkler head, a valve opens which allows water from the pipeline to flow under pressure. Water pressure is important for a fire sprinkler system. The water pressure allows the water to spray outward to thoroughly extinguish the fire and restrict the fire from reigniting.

Fire Sprinklers Actually Minimize Water Damage

It’s not like in the movies. Many people tend to believe the screenwriter’s version that all the sprinklers in a fire suppression system operate as one.  When one activates, they all activate, right? Not so. If they all activated as one, extinguishing fires would be a matter of swapping fire damage for water damage. That’s not how fire sprinklers operate. The good news is that fire sprinkler heads function independently. Usually, fires can be extinguished after just one or two sprinklers activate, allowing water damage to be confined to a small area by the fire. Since fire sprinklers extinguish fires with about 600% less water than a fire hose, the sprinkler’s early response is far less damaging to property than the fire department’s hoses.

Installation & Inspection of Fire Sprinklers in Southern California

If your Southern California commercial building needs fire sprinkler installation, inspections or repairs, you should contact us today.  Lindley Fire knows how fire sprinklers work and is the company you can trust to keep your buildings safer from fires.

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